PickMeUps: Make a Happy Playlist

Continuing in the series of daily PickMeUps, I want to share with you some ideas from my toolkit of ways to soothe myself when I’m upset, calm myself when I’m stressed or lift myself when I’m feeling tired. Or, sometimes I like to turn to PickMeUps when I’m feeling great and I want to celebrate!


This won’t come as a new idea no doubt, but one of my favourite things to do is to have a ‘Happy’ Playlist which I listen to on my way to work. I don’t do this everyday as I like to use it as and when I need- so the power of the song don’t diminish from over-listening. Some mornings, if I have the house to myself I’ll even turn one of these songs up and dance like there’s no tomorrow before I set off for work! Try it once and you won’t look back. Everyone needs a happy song and everyone needs to dance sometimes! I don’t just say that because I’m a dancer- I say it because it feels GOOD! It connects your brain with your body first thing in the morning and helps get the blood moving and the positive endorphins kicking in so that you can arrive at work ready to face the day!


Make your own Happy Playlist and put some songs that make you dance on. If you choose not to dance, pick only songs that make you smile and the songs that have lyrics that speak to you. You can pick songs with lyrics that you love even if you don’t love the song. One song I love to hear sometimes is Diamonds by Rhianna or Sia, whichever you prefer, simply because of the lyric ‘I Choose to be Happy’. It makes me feel  positive every time.

Be Yourself. Dance. Sing. Do it in your head on your way to work. SMILE! Smile at strangers. Your happy music is your fast track to feeling good!


Happy Dancing!

Snapshot 11 (13-04-2014 19-31)







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