PickMeUps: Find Beauty in Everything

Today’s PickMeUp is to look for beauty in everything.

Look at life through the eyes of a tourist. When you’re abroad you notice the postboxes, phoneboxes, road signs. The trivial things that suddenly seem different and interesting. But have you ever stopped to notice how quaint a red postbox is?!
When I want to find beauty, I often take my camera out with me. Not my phone necessarily but a handheld camera which I can play around with and find some interesting shots. I take pictures of the streets, of graffiti, a weed growing through a crack in the pavement. Or, I just make an effort to really take notice of the beauty in every day things.



One of my favourite PickMeUps is reading toilet wall graffiti!


Years ago, I saw a beautiful image that has never left me. It was a tree in winter with no leaves. It was one of the days we sometimes have where the winds are outrageously high at the end of a storm and the tree had been completely covered in litter. There were probably a hundred coloured plastic bags hanging on it’s branches. It was a weirdly beautiful sight. It was eye catching like a Christmas tree but also a sad sign of our wasteful society. The sort of thing that you could pass by and not bat an eyelid at but when you’re looking for beauty in the everyday, it becomes a rare and uplifting sighting.

So, look at the world through different eyes today. What do you walk past everyday and look at but not see? You may start to notice that you feel different, you’re looking on the bright side and shifting your mindset.
Over time as it becomes habitual your brain will rewire itself- neurones that fire together wire together- you can actually change your own brain to see the beauty in everything without even trying!


…with love, Lenna x

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