PickMeUps: Sunday Strolling

This is my favourite PickMeUp and is a routine that I stick to nearly every week.

It is simple.

On a Sunday, go for a walk.

Sunday is a day for rest and restoration and resetting for the week ahead.


I walk alone and I go to the greenest place in the vicinity. Sometimes I walk for a couple of hours. Sometimes it’s just one lap around the park in between other items on my to do list. Every time I make an effort to spend a least a few minutes of the walk clearing my head of thoughts, breathing deeply and listening to the sounds around me. I take notice of what is all around me. The colour of the leaves, the height of the river, dogs playing fetch, planes flying overhead. Doing this for just a few minutes of the walk is achievable.

But, I allow my thoughts to run free for some of the walk too. It is helpful to allow some time and space to think and see what solutions you might come up with. This thinking time then fuels my intention setting for the week ahead. Time alone allows me to focus on myself, to reflect on the week just passed and to practice mindfulness so I have mental space to start the new week with positive intentions.

Starting this weekend, why not incorporate this into your Sunday? Taking 30 minutes on a Sunday to get some fresh air is very doable and once it becomes routine you won’t want to make excuses- you DO have the time and you DO need to and no, it’s NOT selfish.

Look after yourself…. with love, Lenna x


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