Decluttering My life

The Decision


I’ve decided to declutter my life.

The need to clear out, clean up and organise has been in me for a long time but for whatever reasons now is the right time for a wholesale declutter.


I have often felt that my belongings own me and weigh me down. I have always thought of myself as unanchored and ready to leave and move on at any time. Travel is important to me, as is spontaneity, but when it comes to feeling lofty and being ready to jump on any opportunity I feel the weight of my belongings like a ball and chain. What will I do with them? Where will they go? Can I really give this stuff up?


For me 2017 is an important year. I’m ready to go travelling long-term and really pursue my dreams. So, it will be necessary for me to clear out and get down to the bare minimum possessions. However, the process of decluttering my life is about more than just clearing out some drawers. It is exactly what it says- decluttering my whole life. I’m going to focus wider than just my belongings. I want to declutter my approach to all aspects of my lifestyle.


This isn’t an exercise in material minimalism per se. A necessary side effect of decluttering is minimising but at this point, step one, I don’t feel ready to set myself the goal of owning as little as possible. What I want to do is reassess what I own. I want to upgrade what I own. To treasure what I own. And when I say what I own I’m not just referring to tangible possessions. I’m referring to my thoughts, social media, emails….


I plan to do this over 6 months from the start of the new year. This is because I want to be ready to make a move abroad during the summer if the time is right. In preparation I am spending the next 6 weeks up to Christmas doing some pre-work. I’m going to reflect, plan and start to organise. I have been making a pile of clothes to eBay for a while so that’s high on my To Do list. Next, I plan to actually read the magazines I have on my shelf so that I can be ready to get rid of them when the time comes. Same goes for some of my books. I’m going to create a strategy, decide what it is I want to achieve and then I will document the process in the hope that this will help me hold myself accountable and also in the hope it might inspire other people to do the same.

I want to share my experiences to see who it connects me to, please get in touch on social media if you’re doing or have done the same or even if you’re just thinking about it. I’ll be sharing regular updates along the way….



5 thoughts on “Decluttering My life

    • Lenna Rose says:

      Thanks Amy. I’ll definitely check out your blog. I just started selling some stuff last night actually! I was thinking ‘would I prefer this thing or the money?’ and it is so easy to sell when you can think about the money going to a travel fund! x

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