Declutter Project- Use Things, Love People

January marks the official start of the Declutter Project. Really this has been going on for some time now but I’m setting out in earnest to try to achieve the objective of finding my own version of minimalism over the coming 6 months.

The spark which lit this fire was this podcast and I recommend you have a listen:

Joshua Fields-Millburn is one half of ‘The Minimalists’ and he provides an excellent, real-life, achievable perspective on minimalism. He is responsible for the quote ‘use things, love people because the other way around never works.’ Recently he has also been on Bulletproof Radio and I recommend you also take the time to listen to this interview:

His is the sort of approach I’m taking to this project. My end goal is a state of mind. I want to enjoy what I own and get value from everything I own. I want to appreciate that things are just things and the real important aspects of life are relationships and experiences.

I also have a friend to thank for introducing me to Jenny Mustard’s work- this is great kick starter video if you’re thining of starting your own Declutter Project:


So… something big happened between my last post about this and now which is that I moved house. It happened at short notice and so threw me into the position of having to sort, clear out and pack my possessions. This really rocketed me to start the decluttering process and I ended up taking two bin liners of stuff to a charity shop before moving. I was delighted when I saw that all my belongings could fit into two cars. But, I was then incredibly disappointed when it ended up taking up two and half cars and have been feeling rueful ever since. This sounds stupid but I so badly want rid of my burden of belongings that I kicked myself when I realised how far off I still am.

I know I need to avoid beating myself up and keep a positive frame of mind so for this month I have decided to do The Minimalists 30 day challenge where I will get rid of one item a day for the whole of January. I will post an update on this in two weeks.

To help me on my way I have created a minimalist mantra poster which is the feature image for this post. These are the questions I will ask myself when considering if I am going to keep something or not. I have framed it and put it on the wall above my bed. To add to that I have also created my 2017 vision board with decluttering and experiences as the main goals.

I took inspiration from the Jenny Mustard video above and decided to make my minimalism priorities. I found 6 priorities came to me very clearly ( yes having 6 priorities is a bit of an oxymoron!) and the goals within each of these were obvious. This are my guidelines when I have a decision to make and the mantras are my tools for choosing my possessions.

On reflection two and a half car loads of possession for nearly 30 year old ain’t bad and it shows that I am making inroads, slowly but surely. This month is the start of a new year and an opportunity to start afresh and set good intentions. I’m excited for what this journey has in store.

Please share with me your experiences of decluttering and minimalism. I have been contacted by a few people doing a similar thing and love to know what approach others are taking and have the chance to offer each other advice and encouragement.



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