Brilliant Podcasts for Your Wellness Project

I really dislike the amount of blog posts which list all ‘the top 5 things…’ that will change your life ..instantly… forever! But, well, I do love making lists and I am feeling inspired to share with you some resources that have helped me through adrenal fatigue recovery, healing my gut, keeping fit and, importantly, finding mental wellness and resilience.

Podcasts help to keep me mentally engaged whether my body energised or struggling to move. They give me time to focus and absorb myself in something. They provide me with positive and valuable advice from people who are trying to be their best selves. They help me feel part of a tribe, network…whatever you want to call it. I devour podcasts and feel lost without them. So, I would like to share with you the five podcasts which I return to most often for some comfort, inspiration and food for thought.


This was the first podcast with a focus on health which I really got obsessed with. Dave Asprey comes from a tech background and has applied that way of thinking to health. He approaches solving problems with health by biohacking- hacking the body to help it perform optimally. His focus goes beyond illness and he’s driven to find the absolute optimum state of health possible. While his approach definitely isn’t for everyone, he interviews a wide range of guests and his carefully researched advice helps provide food for thought and ideas about choices we can make to improve our health. Find the podcast archive here:

Finding Mastery

Michael Gervais has a background in Sport Psychology and as such his interviewing techniques are brilliant for extracting deep information from his guests about their motivation, experiences, meaning and much more. He aims to interview high performers to find out what makes them masters of their domain. These interviews are fascinating insights into the lives of people who are highly driven and high achieving. While you may not be looking to be world-class anything, some of these insights can be so helpful in everyday life to help you find drive, inspiration and meaning.


I listen to a lot of podcasts from the US so I love that this is UK based and so can sometimes feel more relevant to me. Tony Wrighton has been through his own health problems and shares his experiences while learning from his guests as he interviews them. He is ever curious in his approach to  interviewing and has guests from a wide-range of disciplines all with them aim of giving the listeners information on how to live life with zest.

The Minimalists

I decided to embrace the philosophies of minimalism in 2017 and to declutter my life. Through this process I discovered The Minimalists and I love listening to their podcasts. In particular, what I love about listening to them is the way they articulate themselves so effectively. They phrase things brilliantly so as to get to the heart of the point beyond the material issues that first come to mind when you talk about minimalism. Having experienced both the extreme materialism and minimalism they are well equipped to advise on how to make steps towards living with less stuff and more meaning.

Rich Roll

Rich Roll is a man who like many people who advocate healthy lifestyles has been to the extremes of unhealthy. He was overweight and alcoholic and is now a vegan ultramarathon runner. He doesn’t preach, which is appealing to me as I’m instantly put off by being told I’m a terrible human being for eating meat. He advocates eating unprocessed real food and adopting a wholesome lifestyle for optimal health. His voice is soothing and his interview-style laid back. I find these podcasts relaxing and inspiring.

I want to mention Radiolab here too. This was the first podcast I got totally addicted to and ended up listening to almost the entire back catalogue. While their focus isn’t so much on physical and mental health I find the incredibly creative and thoughtful way they are put together completely absorbing and getting lost in a Radiolab podcast is a form of restorative self care which I turn to again and again.



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