Decluttering My Life

Recently I feel like I’ve got on top of this decluttering process and that it has started to really bed in in my mentality. I haven’t had a particular aspect of life to declutter in March and April and so I have let the process run it’s course somewhat naturally.

Decluttering my wardrobe left me with some harder questions than other areas of my life that I wanted to tackle and I felt I wanted to give myself more time to work on gradually reducing and improving the quality of my clothes and accessories. What I’ve found is that I haven’t wanted to purchase any new items except the odd item that I genuinely needed. I am really looking at everything with an eye to how I can streamline and make more space. In particular I have turned my attention towards reduce packaging and unnecessary wastage and I’ve been more diligent at taking a reusable cup to coffee shops, using glass instead of plastic containers and avoiding buying food that comes in plastic packaging.

I felt inspired to delete music from my laptop that I don’t listen to. I have acquired music from friends over the years and yet don’t listen to most of it. Now when I scroll through my music collection it’s with much more regularity that I stumble across something I really want to listen to. I’ve also focused on getting through some of the books that have been sat on my shelf for a while- I’m not allowing myself to buy new until I have got through at least a few of the ones I already have. I’ve also cleared out my office at work and this has been particularly satisfying as this is after all a space I spend the majority of my time in.

Generally what I’m finding is that the minimalism mindset is starting to bed in and where it was once something that I appreciated and tried to do I am now starting to really live the minimalist approach to life that I so wanted. This may not be a life goal for everyone but I do believe that this time of year in the northern hemisphere really is the best time to clear out and ‘spring clean’ your life. While you may not be ready for a full life overhaul, there are some different ways you can spring clean your life and make physical and mental space to support your wellbeing. Here are some ways that I have decluttered my life on my Declutter Project so far:

Digital Declutter

Delete old emails, delete music you don’t listen to, backup files that you don’t want to lose and run some virus and malware removers/ defragment your hard drive/ get someone to look at your computer to see what might be slowing it down. You can also declutter your social media life- ever had friend cull? Try culling the photos on your page, the pages you follow and check your privacy settings while you’re at it.

Kitchen Declutter

Get rid of out of date bottles of sauce! Get rid of spices that you haven’t use for a year- they lose their flavour over time anyway. Donate usable food to a local food bank. Sort out the tupperware collection and look at swapping some plastic cartons to recycled glass jars. Plan meals and shop according to your plan to reduce the likelihood of buying excess. Freeze food to preserve it’s shelf life and defrost on the day you plan to eat it.

Miscellaneous Draw Declutter

We all have one. The drawer all the things we don’t know where to store go. Sort it out, get rid of what you haven’t used in the recent memory and if needs be buy some storage boxes to put order to the chaos- you will actually use these things more if you know whats in there and find it easily accessible.

Worktop Declutter

Tidy things away. Having less on the visible surfaces helps increase the feeling of space and reduce the amount of stuff that needs tidying. Organising your cupboards can help you to put stuff in handy places, using storage boxes if needed, which you can arrange so the things you need most are in easy reach but not on the surfaces- this is where the Marie Kondo approach to tidying up might come in handy!




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