PickMeUps: Create a Vision Board

Now, manifesting, or the Law of Attraction, isn’t a concept that will sit well with everyone. It sounds bit hippy, a bit airy-fairy and magical.

To me, manifestation is about adjusting your mindset to one of abundance. One which involves seeing yourself as being with rather than without. Seeing what you already have and what is within your reach. It also about self-fulfilling prophecy, a psychological concept that may feel more ‘grounded in science’ to many people.

Manifestation, or the law of attraction, involves willing something into existence through the power of thoughts and behaviours and one of the most famous books on the subject was ‘The Secret by Rhonda Byrne’. To many this book is a powerful guide to getting what you want from life. and has given them a positive tool to achieve their goals (I confess I haven’t actually read it…).

Self fulfilling prophecy involves a prediction that causes itself to come true, either indirectly or directly. An example in Psychology is the Pygmalion effect. The idea is if you think something will happen, it is possible you will unconsciously make it happen through your actions or inaction.

Whatever way you look at it, whether you like the more spiritual version or the scientific version, I am a big believer in setting intentions and willing them into existence.


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So, today’s PickMeUp is to get creative by making yourself a vision board. A vision board is a collage which depicts your goals and you can place on display to serve as a daily reminder of what you want to achieve. It gives you a positive, colourful prompt to remind you to keep on track and why you should keep focussing on your goals.



Get creative. Use photos, magazines, postcards, motivational quotes. Use images that will prompt you to remember what it is you are trying to 1498055822473achieve whether they are travel goals, financial goals, things you want to own or feelings you want to have. Create a poster that you can put somewhere you see everyday- mine are next to my bed. I laminate mine but you could frame them. I have a board for different goals- goals for this year, travel goals and life goals.





This process gets your creative juices flowing but it also allows you time to sit down and really think about what you want out of life. I suggest be realistic but also ambitious. Goals within your easy reach maybe less exciting but totally unrealistic goals may also be unlikely to get you acting on them.

 Most of all just take some time out to focus on you! This is, after all, a PickMeUp and the aim is to help you when you feel in need of a lift. Happy creating!


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