PickMeUps: 4 Steps to Take the Power Back from Social Media

More and more I hear people saying they feel frustrated by the messages being aimed at us on social media.

Be thinner, be fitter, eat this, don’t eat that, drink this, do that. Some days it gets to you. Maybe you’re bloated, tired, feeling lethargic. Seeing images of perfect/happy/successful people on instagram is not making you feel any better. Sometimes the accounts are down right unpleasant in the messages they are spreading, they are out to shame you into doing what they think you should. Other times they are just a bit misguided or showing off, taking pictures of themselves to make them look as good as possible to ‘inspire’ you. Well you don’t need to put up with sh*t you don’t wanto to see!

Here’s my simple strategy for taking back the power when social media is starting to make you feel bad about yourself.


‘Unfollow’ – you don’t need to follow people who make you feel bad! You are the boss of your newsfeed!



‘Hide This Post’ – You can control the algorithms on your newsfeed by consistently telling Facebook that you don’t want to see post like this. It saves the awkward ‘unfriending’ and you can tailor your newsfeed so that you see only what makes you feel good!



Log out and turn off notifications – Maybe you just need a break. Turn off notifications from all social media and only log on when you feel good. Don’t check social media just before bed or when you wake up!



Turn to the people who make you feel good – Don’t just remove what makes you feel bad, turn to what makes you feel good. See your real friends and the people who won’t shame you for not being good enough. Failing that, turn to public figures that make you feel good. I recommend the Strong not Skinny podcast from the Pilates PT for some positive messages about fitness and Don’t Salt my Game podcast from Laura Thomas for some positive messages about nutrition.


Remember you’re in control of what you get in your newsfeed, you don’t have to give up your confidence to the gods of the newsfeed algorithm! There’s much good to be gained from social media but you need to be savvy to avoid being brought down by the bad!

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