PickMeUps: Keep a Happy Jar

At the start of the year I started a happy jar as one of my new year’s resolutions. The idea is that you add to it on the days you feel happy. Then come the day you feel terrible, you can buy yourself something to cheer yourself up. This is part of my ‘make hay while the sun shines’ philosophy to self care and wellness (see this post).

A happy jar not only serves as a nice, simple way to show yourself some love when you feel rotten, it also helps you to gain perspective on how often you feel good or bad. What I was quite surprised to learn was that in reality there really aren’t that many days I’d label as ‘bad’. I have plenty of ‘okay’ days, many ‘just all right’ and a few ‘meh’. In actuality I feel truly happy as often as I feel truly sad and much of the time I’m content. This really helped me to appreciate how content I am with content. In fact, I will add to the jar based on a continuum of how good I feel. On really good days I’ll add £1, on an average day 50 pence, on a so-so day maybe 20 pence. When that rubbish day comes around I treat myself to dark chocolate and my favourite magazine- two of my favourite pick me ups- or something I’ve had my eye for a while such as some jewellery.

With the new year just round the corner why not start one for yourself and see how much you save?



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