About Lenna Rose

I am a qualified level 3 mat Pilates instructor and Barre Pilates Method certified instructor based in Leeds, UK. I teach traditional mat Pilates, Barre pilates, high intensity Pilates and Body Positive Pilates.

Body Positive Pilates is an approach to Pilates formed from both my experiences working as a mental health nurse with adolescent girls and also my experiences of being, relating to and observing women and their struggles with body confidence. I designed Body Positive Pilates to focus on healthy physical movement to foster a brain-body connection with the emphasis on moving to feel good rather than look good. Physical fitness is an important aspect of health however this needs to be in balance with a positive self image otherwise exercise can become a form of self punishment. Regardless of how you look or feel about your appearance, falling into the trap of exercising solely to burn calories or to change your body shape will inevitably leave you feeling negative as your goals are based on self criticism. Body Positive Pilates aims to encourage physical fitness for long-term health and self confidence through mindful, functional and personalised exercise. You can access Body Positive Pilates through workshops, advertised on my Facebook page Lenna Rose Pilates, courses and tailored 1-2-1 sessions which are designed for your personal needs and can incorporate low-intensity and high-intensity exercise.

All details about classes and workshops are advertised on my Facebook page, Lenna Rose Pilates. Find out which classes I teach by clicking on ‘Pilates classes in Leeds’.